Patient Portal Policy & Procedures Patient Portal Policy & Procedures

Patient Portal Policy and Procedures

Do NOT use email to communicate if there is an emergency or to communicate about HIV/AIDS

  • In an emergency, call 911 or for urgent needs call Children's Health of Ocala at (336)000-0000 immediately
  • Sensitive subject matter (HIV/AIDS, mental health, work excuses, etc) is not permitted

Proper subject matter for portal communication:

  • Medical questions, leab results, appointment requests and reminders, routine follow-up questions, etc

Current functionality of the Patient Portal:

  • Email and secure messaging for non-urgent needs
  • Viewing of lab results that have been sent to you
  • Viewing of selected health information (allergies, medications, current problems, past medical history)
  • Referral Requests
  • Appointment Requests and Reminders
  • Viewing of past and current statements

Because your login is tied directly to your Electronic Health Record in our office, you do not need to enter information such as phone numbers, addresses, UNLESS they are new or different than you have given us before.

All communications will be included in your patient health record.


  • All messages sent to you via a secure web portal
  • Emails from you to any staff should be through this portal or they are not secure
  • We will keep all email lists confidential and will not share this with other parties
  • Other Initial Point Children's Health of Ocala staff members may read your messages or reply in order to help the clinician that has been emailed

Response time:

  • We will normally respond to non-urgent email inquiries within 24 hours but no later than 3 business days after receipt
  • If we are unable to access email for any reason we will attempt to have an automatic response inform you of this as soon as possible


  • At this time the portal access will be free

All Policies and Procedures are subject to change without notice.